Self-portrait/collage project on post-modern love.


I’ve been working as a professional photographer in the last 10 years and during lockdown I had the chance to re-visit my roots and work on this specific personal, conceptual project “SONGS OF INNOCENCE AND EXPERIENCE”.

It is an ongoing self-portrait collage project that is a reflection on post-modern love and it’s about the clash of expectationsand reality and the clash of idealized unearthly love parexcellence and pure reality.

I’ve always been obsessed with paintings of unfulfilled love stories such as Millais’ Ophelia, or Waterhouse’s Lady Shallott– and I often positioned myself into the same role in my own personal life being drawn to relationships that are notdestined to last. I also began to romanticize the heartaches throughout the years which resulted in a pattern.

I created self-portraits referencing iconic paintings and heroines from the history of art and also started puttingcollages together using these images and paint and fragments

of texts. I was using scanned details from my favourite books andpoems, the descriptions of longing and love, such as Wuthering Heights, Onegin, Red and Black, Sorrows of Young Werther and I simultaneously included handwritten fragments of

texts I got throughout the years from lovers, Tinder dates or ex-boyfriends, sometimes beautiful, sometimes painful or sometimes even vulgar messages.

The combination of this two I felt was a strong reflection and a constant contemplation on Love. This project has become an art therapy and an empowering



“father and daughter photographers chronicle nightlife and youth culture 40 years apart”


“Photographers Wanda Martin and her father Gábor Martin may have spent their twenties 1,000 miles and more than four decades apart – Gábor behind the Iron Curtain in 70s socialist Hungary and Wanda in today’s London – but their joint series on nightlife and youth culture demonstrates that the desire to party is both timeless and universal.” The technique (shot on 35mm black and white negative), the fashions, the hair styles are very similar, apart from some hidden details such as smartphones, laptops or Lenin’s portrait hanging behind the DJ, sometime you can hardly tell the pictures apart, which one was taken in the 70s Hungary , which one was taken in 2010s London. “The drive of the youth has been always the same: forgetting about reality – work, everyday struggles – for some stolen hours and just having fun, dancing, drinking and falling in love, regardless any political regime.” (i-D)



"Wanda Martin is photographing couples of all genders and sexualities in their closest and most intimate quarters: bed.

“My aim was to explore the nature of sexual fluidity and

show the similarity between heterosexual and homosexual relationships,” says Martin. “I try to celebrate love par excellence and show that love and sexuality don’t depend on sex or gender, only on the person. I’m shooting couples in their own rooms, in their private environment.” (Dazed)